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Why choosing bamboo for gyms?  

Why choosing bamboo for gym?
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Sports Bamboo Floorings

While talking about playground surfaces made of bamboo we simply say bamboo sports floor, because from a botanical point of view it cannot be called sports parquet, not in a traditional meaning anyway. Our Company has always been paying attention to normative issues.
Letís get to know bamboo and its use for sports floors better:
Bamboo is an ecological product, modern, strong and highly wear-resistant. The cost is lower comparing to parquet that is normally used for sports facilities. Bamboo sports floor for gyms is a good alternative to traditional wood species, excellent for gyms and sports centers.
Renewing and old gym through our solution with sports bamboo floor is very easy and cheap; ďLow costĒ, a very popular term that well represents this web site and bamboo too.
From a practical and botanical point of view, bamboo is considered wood fibers. It's an evergreen tree, really strong. It can be only few cm high, but can reach remarkable dimensions (even 40 m high and 30 cm diameter); this tree can actually grow up to 1 m a day.
Bamboo has a hollow but light and resistant fiber, that's why it's used for several different purposes: hollow trunks are used to make elementary water main, framework structures, weapons, houses, containers, building timber; when broken, they're used to make mats etc. The thinnest or the youngest trees are used for sticks, umbrellas, furniture etc.
Some species are used as ornaments for gardens in the mildest European areas.
Some species are even used for food purposes.
Regeneration speed: although many believe bamboo is a tree, from a botanical point of view it belongs to herbs family (namely graminaceous), with a very fast growing process: during the first year it can reach up to 15 meters height, whereas climax is reached in about 4 years. It can be used after 3-5 years, whereas normal trees need at least 20-30 years to reach their maximum growth. Bamboo regenerates very quickly after every cut, without being replanted and without fertilizers or pesticides. It reaches the maximum height in 5-6 years and is therefore an inexhaustible source for future sports surfaces, avoiding damages to environment. There are over a thousand bamboo species in the world. This differentiation makes it extremely adaptable to several growing conditions.
Thatís why we can say that no trees are cut down to manufacture sports bamboo floorings!
In good conditions a bamboo tree can grow up to 30 cm a night, without fertilizers, and can reach 30 meters height. After the cut, nature takes care of the regrowth, without replanting: thatís why areas appointed for spontaneous growth or bamboo culture do not face any deforestation risks. If you think common wood has a 30 years old growth cycle, obviously choosing bamboo floors means real help to nature sustainability.
SEICOM renovates its parquet floors range through two new kinds of very popular sports surfaces simply made of bamboo top layer.
Within entry level series: model Trento, first step for a fast and cheap sports floor.
Within performance series: model PRO AIR FLEX, with its innovative Air Flex pad.
These two bamboo typologies come from our constant research, aimed to offer sports floors always in the forefront, certified and easy to make: this is the reason of the success collected by our products in Italy and especially on foreign markets.


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