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Sports parquet floors cleaning & maintenance
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It’s now possible to buy the cleaning and ordinary upkeep products for sports parquet floors directly from our web site.
The products marked Seicom are:
GRIP & CLEAN is a very important product, anti-slipperiness, developed for all sports purposes.
Seicom’s Grip & Clean is an agent with cleaning and anti-slip properties, specific for sports wooden floors. It can be used before the game to prepare the surface and during the game, to improve shoes’ grip.
APPLICATION is very easy. To prepare the floor pour two cups of Seicom’s Grip & Clean for every liter of water; wash the surface with a damp well-wrung pad.
GRIP & CLEAN is compatible with all our resistant polyurethane water base lacquers.
CLEAN GYM is a detergent specific for the cleaning of wooden sports floors. Highly concentrate, it can be used for a normal maintenance but also to remove residues of grease and shoes black marks.
APPLICATION: Pour the quantity of one cap of Clean Gym per each liter of water.
Wash using a damp cloth - well wrung – on the surface to clean. Rinsing not required. In case of persistent dirt, put pure product on a sponge and clean the surface. Dirty clothes can be easily washed in water.
SEICOM ‘s been providing Customers with the product B-SHARP – by Mueller Sport Medicine Inc. USA – for many years so far. Mueller’s B-Sharp can be purchased directly on our web site as well.
MUELLER B Sharp™ - Traction Action
Specific product for basketball use, used in the professional field; needs to be diluted and passed on the floor. It’s also usual to leave some damp clothes (with water and diluted B Sharp™) at the players’ entrance in order to keep a better grip on shoes.
Orders are very simple to pass: You can go on our web site , You enter the page BUY ONLINE from the menu and You fill in the form with personal data and required quantity. You’ll then receive a confirmation e-mail from us with shipment cost amount and bank details for Your payment without any risk.
Here’s an example of Seicom’s smart box You can receive with our cleaning and maintenance products. Inside You have Clean Gym , Grip & Clean and Mueller B-Sharp.
All this in order to provide an proper and careful post-sale service.
Seicom strongly believes in post-sale service and we care for all services about our sports parquet floors.


Sports parquet floors cleaning & maintenance

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