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Underfloor Heating Systems with sport parquet floors
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NEW : Start of a new cooperation with the Company Seppelfricke to supply sports parquet and innovative solutions based on energy saving and low polluting emissions for facilities with radiant heated parquet floors.

Seicom's been installing parquet floors on radiant heated concrete sub floors for several years; in all these years we've reached knowledge, experience and competence.

We're able to give designers and public administrations a valuable advice on this delicate matter. We have developed specific and detailed instructions both for installation and for workers training.

In these years we've been considering all different solutions offered by the main manufacturers within this trade.

The system developed by Seppelfricke turned out to be the most guaranteed and functional for facilities with radiant heated parquet.

This is the reason of this cooperation between Seicom and Seppelfricke, in order to grant a certified package for sports facilities.

Seppelfricke SD is one of the most renowned trade marks within plumbing and heating field. The Company is based in Germany and has been effective in Italy since 1992. After a short absence on the Italian market it came back in July 2012 with a new office located in a great industrial set-up in Brasco.

SD Seppelfricke manufactures and marks all the elements that make up the heating system, from plates to pipes, connections and accessories.

The geothermal system exploits free energy from thermal differential of soil, to feed a heating or cooling system based on radiant panels and to supply sanitary hot water.
Benefits from GEOTHERMAL system are: removal of boiler (which means no more periodical upkeep costs), low electricity consumption (1kw generates 4 thermal kw) with chance of photovoltaic panels installation to increase energy production or solar thermal panels (which means polluting emissions breakdown) for a real respect of the environment.

The main European Laws currently in force are :
EN 12667 – EN 12664
Testing procedures set out R thermal resistance of the material.
Testing procedures must be carried out by authorized institutes, in charge to issue the necessary certifications, demanded by engineers.

All sports floorings manufactured by Seicom have been tested and certified according the a.m. laws and therefore certified for floor heating systems; several projects have already been carried out with this system.

Please feel free to contact us for any details, technical features or customized solutions researches.

For more info contact :
Aldo Cammarata
Sales & Technical Manager
Tel. office +39 0342 512573
Mobile +39 340 6758368

In the drawing below project with floor heating and sport parquet floors:

Underfloor Heating Systems with sport parquet floors

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